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Mute swans scared of trumpeter swans
By:Jon & Kate
Date: 10 April 2015


We have a male and female Mute swan on our pond. They have lived here for at least 10 years. The male swan is the "keeper" of the pond and scares away all other swans. A few days ago two trumpeter swans came by and when he was scaring them away, they turned on him and tried killing him (drowning him). We searched for him for two days and couldn't find him anywhere. Since his wings are clipped and he can't fly we were all VERY upset and assumed he had been killed by the visitor swans. Then a neighbor about a mile away called and much to our delight the swan was in his back yard. After a little coaxing (and then picking him up and carrying him:) we got him back to our pond. My question is twofold: The visitor swans are long gone but almost every morning there are two trumpeters out on the pond. They only stay for about ten minutes, then fly away. Can we assume these are the same swans that attacked him or are they all migrating and they are probably a different set each day? My second question is my swans barely go back in the water. They are now scared and rightly so. Will our male swan eventually get back to himself and "rule" our pond again? Thx.

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