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Re: Mute swans scared of trumpeter swans
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 10 April 2015
In Response To: Mute swans scared of trumpeter swans (Jon & Kate)

Hi Jon & Kate:

What you experienced is exactly what we have been telling people is going to happen from now on that the U.S. and various state wildlife entities along with hunting organizations (Audubon Society, Ducks Unlimited and others) intentionally killed and are still killing Mute Swans to introduce into areas that they have never before existed, the larger Trumpeter Swans. The governmental agencies along with the hunters are using taxpayer monies to kill Mute Swans to open up these habitats so that Trumpeter Swans can be introduced and eventually used for Trophy Waterfowl hunting purposes to raise money for wildlife budgets, staff and salaries through more expensive Trophy hunting permits. Yes, Audubon Society is behind this and their president was quoted in the Wall Street Journal that the Audubon organizations was becoming more of a hunting/trapping organization for wildlife management.

NO Swan is aggressive. All swans and ALL wildlife/waterfowl are defensive in defending their young and habitat. So, this is not necessarily about aggression rather than a fight over a safe habitat with food resources suitable for nesting by swan pairs.

Your swan was surely traumatized by the larger Trumpeter Swans. However, if the Trumpeters are no longer in the area, your swans should be safe on the pond. However, they may not feel that way. You may need to keep both of your Mutes indoors for a couple of days, ensure that he is not suffering any injuries, feed them and let them calm down. This will also provide you with the opportunity to make sure that the Trumpeter Swans are not coming back to terrorize them. If the Trumpeters are in the area, but only staying for about 10 minutes, and not coming over to your pair, then they are probably (no guarantees) not the same pair. The issue is to make the habitat as non-inviting to the Trumpeters. Do you have a dog? KEEP the dog on a leash, but allow him to bark at the Trumpeter Swans until they get the idea that this may not be a suitable habitat. Now, some may say that this is harassing an endangered species, however, if this is your private pond and your swans have been on that pond for 10 years, then, you are doing what is necessary to protect your property. JUST DO NOT let the dog loose or it could get seriously hurt or hurt the swans. No one wants any of the animals/birds hurt, just a gentle reminder of who owns the pond.

Once a couple days have passed, no more Trumpeters, your swans should go back to being the rulers of their dominion. The major issue here is to make sure that he is not suffering any injuries, external or internal. Good luck and please let us know how this works out. The Regal Swan

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