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Re: Swan eggs out of nest
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 14 April 2015
In Response To: Swan eggs out of nest (Karen)

Hi Karen:

Sometimes accidents occur and eggs are accidently kicked out of the nest while the parents reenter the nest or turn the eggs. Normally, the parents will kick them out of the nest if there is something wrong with them. The last thing that the parent wants to do is sit for 35-40 days in a smelly nest from a rotten exploding egg. If the swan accepts them back, then you should be okay. Moving eggs can sometimes displace the embryo to the attachment of the egg which would render it nonviable. If the eggs are found at the bottom of the nest again, then it means something is wrong and you need to leave them alone. The swans will move the bad egg away from the nest, even if it means rolling into the pond. The Regal Swan

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