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Swan nesting very close to garden
Date: 16 April 2015

Hello, I am seeking advice. We live near a tidal creek in Long Island, NY, and have always enjoyed the sight of swans gliding along while tending our very large fruit and vegetable garden which is enclosed by chain link fence about 50 feet from the creek. For the first time, we have noticed a swan pacing far from its usual preferred area and chasing geese away from the site right around the garden and much further inland than usual. We could not see a nest, but there are thick reeds and we could easily have missed it. I cautiously walked over to my garden to see if the swan would charge, but it did not. I am concerned, however, that there are no eggs or cygnets yet, and that if cygnets hatch, aggression towards garden workers could increase, though we always try to maintain a respectful distance. As the garden season is just getting underway, there will be a lot of increasing activity in the garden and I wonder if there is anything to do to prevent being attacked by a nesting swan. Thanks very much for your help

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