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Re: Male swan has built his own nest away from the female
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 24 April 2015

Hi Lisa:

We have seen this behavior before, not often, but it does occur. We can only surmise why this occurs, but there might be several explanations.

First, the male swans are responsible for building the nest. Usually, they build, rebuild and build until they perfect the nest. If the nest was not completely constructed, but the female started dropping eggs and it was too late to revise, the male may have felt the need to continue building. So, he started another nest to get it out of his system.

Second, the male after building the nest, wasn't completely happy with the site and decided to rebuild in another area and it was too late for the female to move. On another note, the female is usually the one who decides where the nest is to be built because she has to sit on it for 35-40 days. Sitting in the sun, no shelter from inclement weather etc., is very important for location.

Third, the swans may have had a little snit. The male doesn't like the size of the nest and it is not big enough for him to sit on the edge (on top of the nest) instead of beside the nest on a lower point.

Any of these points could be the reason. In any case, there should be no concern as long as the male does eventually get over sitting by himself and rejoins the female. And, he will! The Regal Swan

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