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Sick Male Black Swan
Date: 24 April 2015

Hello, I was wondering if you could help narrow down what may be wrong with my male Swan. He is with his mate and 4 cygnets and normally harasses me if I'm too close to the babies. I noticed him not attacking me with such energy as I kept an eye on him. Then I noticed he was acting like he was having trouble with balance.... and would walk stumbling. His eyes not as bright....still eating, drinking, preening. I wormed him with Ivomectian pour on. Few days no real change and he was weaker...sitting more. I started on 3 days Safeguard as here in FL...parasites can be bad. Still no change..tried some Corid...He started going off feed and I noticed what I first thought was him trying to be vocal but nothing coming out....which seems more now like he's gaping. So I started him on Tylan 50 and tube feeding ground up water fowl pellets with a little poultry cell. He pushes him self around a little..preens...drinks and.plays in water dish. Is somewhat aware. Can not vocalize. I place him in kiddie pool to clean himself twice a day. I am at a loss.... none of my other Swan showing symptoms

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