Ask the Swan Specialist

Re: How to feed black swans? Vaccinate against New Castle disease?
Date: 27 April 2015

I wanted to share with you that after several days worrying about my male swan cygnet not being able to walk and eat properly, he recovered fully and looks absolutely amazing. They both are eating too much and am very happy.

However I have an issue I would like to inquire about. I am giving both of them around 200 grams per day of poultry feed (pellets) with 24% protein content, as well as some greens. No corn nor other type of grain. It is a very well balanced feed full of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, carbos and protein...

My 6 month - old cygnets love this food, however I would like to know your advice as if is not the proper food for them or too high in protein and instead of being doing things right I am hurting them...

Thanks so much for your kind and worthy advice and wish you have a wonderful day...