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Young swan appearance on our small lake
Date: 4 May 2015

Hello there.

We have a small lake/large pond at home in North Cumbria. We have many visiting and nesting ducks as well as a pair of wild nesting Canada geese, suddenly two weeks ago a white and scruffy grey mute swan appeared and seems to have taken up residence. We feed wheat to the wildfowl each day along the edge at a set spot and he has joined the other more confident wild ducks in coming quite close to feed. Whilst the Canada's keep a carful distance until we leave the edge this swan is becoming ever confident.

Please advice: we think he's a young juvenile owning to the dirty looking grey feathers about him, do young Male or femal swans set up new territories, or is he just passing through?

Will he attract a mate, should we try to find a female for him?

Many thanks Chris

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