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Male Swan and babies
Date: 25 May 2015

Hello, my boyfriend's father has a set of swans. My first question is, every year they have babies and every year none survive more than a week or 2. We are assuming that natural predators get them, but is there anything else we could do health wise for them to help.

Second question is the male is probably about 7 - 9 years old now and he recently started walking with no balance from front to back. Is there something we could do for him.

more info.....they live on a large natural very well kept pond with a couple sets of mallards and babies who always survive, turtles (no large snappers) and have a calf hutch we set up by the pond in some trees where they lay eggs. They have a bucket of corn they walk up to and help themselves, and live off the pond for the rest of what they eat.

thanks in advance,

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