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Abandoned nesting female
Date: 27 May 2015

We have two sets, east and west. Mr West is very aggressive and has finally after several fights driven the east end male away leaving the female on her nest with five eggs under her. Meanwhile the west end female has had seven babies. We noticed after a couple of days that Mr. West was with his mate and babies relaxed for the first time. So we went to the east end to find the male gone. Finding no bodies we have just been watching as the east end female nested 8 days after the west end female.

This morning we noticed Mr. West, bully, heading to the east end nest again. So we decided to check on the female and there was, what we believe to be a new male there. We think he is not the original mate as he is not comfortable with us and the last mate was.

Our question, would a unattached male swan take up with a nesting female and protect the area as that is just what this one is doing?

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