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Re: How much does it cost for a mute swan
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 1 June 2015

Hi Tim:

Price range can be from $300 a pair to $1500 per pair depending on the seller. It would not be a viable choice of income due to the U.S. Wildlife Services and other state wildlife agencies labeling them as non-native and invasive (both false representations).

The reasoning is that these agencies are wanting to kill the Mute Swans, open the habitat that they once occupied to introduce the larger Trumpeter Swans for trophy waterfowl hunting purposes. Trophy Waterfowl hunting permits are more expensive and this is how state and federal wildlife services are going to pad their budgets.

In this process, they are making it extremely difficult to possess or breed the Mute Swans. We are fighting this issue in New York, but other states are doing the exact same thing, New Jersey, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Maryland, Illinois, etc. Not one of these states nor any state in the U.S. has ever conducted an environmental impact study to determine the Mute Swans' impact on the environment, if there is one.

Unfortunately, the wildlife agencies are getting by with this atrocity because they are shielding it from the taxpayers and making it very difficult event through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIL) to determine when and where they are killing the swans. Additionally, they are refusing to advise the taxpayer the amount of money that is being spent on this misguided Mute Swan management/killing program. We do know that a Michigan DNR official stated that the money is running out and the program is unsustainable. So, this is how your taxpayer money is being spent, but you will find it extremely difficult to possess, much less breed and sell the swans. The Regal Swan

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