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Re: Swans have not returned
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 6 June 2015
In Response To: Swans have not returned (Kaitln)

Hi Kaitln

It is difficult to even begin surmising whether the swans may return. There are many factors than that they just did not make it through the winter. Usually, swans will return to the same area, especially if they have ample food and nesting resources, safe from predators, etc.

Because the swans have been in your area for 5 years, then it may indicate that something has happened to the swans, but again, not necessarily. There is always the possibility that because of the severe winter, the swans went into a different area, leaving or returning from migration and found a better place to reside. If they were famished from the severe weather and had to stop somewhere and the area was adequate, they may have chosen to stay and not make a longer trip.

In any case, if the other swans are starting to return in your area, then there is still the chance that yours will show up soon. Please let us know how this works out. The Regal Swan

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