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Re: Mother swan suddenly disappeared
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 9 June 2015
In Response To: Mother swan suddenly disappeared (Dan)

Hi Dan

If you live in Michigan and nearby states, your DNR officials are killing the Mute Swans under the false guise of their being nonnative, aggressive and invasive. All which are blatant misrepresentations of the Mute Swans because wildlife officials want their habitats so they can introduce the larger Trumpeter Swans for Trophy Waterfowl hunting purposes.

Trophy Waterfowl bring in more revenue through their costly hunting permits. Michigan DNR officials admitted last year at the International Swan Symposium, that they had no research to show the Mute Swans were any more aggressive than any other wildlife, that their numbers were stable, but we're going to continue killing them with or without politician, media or citizen input even though the program was costing taxpayers and was unsustainable.

Wildlife officials admitted that there has never been an environmental impact assessment regarding Mute Swans in the U.S. Atlantic Flyway Council members also admitted that there has never been a collaborated systemic count of Mute Swans in the U.S and the current population numbers are inaccurate. So, the information distributed by wildlife officials as too many in numbers and detrimental to the environment is not scientific based. In fact, international swan and wetland habitat specialists and current research show the Mute Swans to be an indicator species alerting to problems in the environment.

Yet, wildlife officials continue to lie to the public and kill the swans. Unfortunately, and probably your swan and many others have lost their lives and taxpayers have lost millions of dollars to a hunting program that falsely claims to be conservation based.

Yes, coyotes, minks, bears and other predators can kill the Mute Swans, but the major cause of their deaths is state and federal wildlife officials who refuse to listen to science and glean their budgets from a minority of hunting citizens. The Regal Swan

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