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Re: Swan sounds
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 9 June 2015
In Response To: Swan sounds (Jim)

Hi Jim

You would first need to find out what species of swan lives in your area. There are 7 species and one subspecies found though out the world. In North America there are three species: Trumpeter, Mute and, Tundra. If you are in an area that your state is killing the Mute Swan to introduce the Trumpeters for Trophy Waterfowl hunting purposes, then you will only have two calls to choose from.

Regardless, not all swans will chase geese or other waterfowl from their territory. Conversely, not all swans will get along with geese. Therefore, there are no guarantees that your decoys will work. You will need to look on the Internet for the various swan calls, but the Trumpeters sound like trumpets and have the loudest calls with the Mute Swans being the quietest. You might try to use a hissing sound rather than a swan call. Many Wildlife species hiss as a warning, i.e., snakes, geese, swans, raccoons, alligators, etc. The Regal Swan

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