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WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!! Re: bill to prevent the NY DEC from killing and mutilating wild Mute Swans
By:The Regal Swan® Foundation
Date: 10 June 2015


For the second time in two years, the NY Senate and Assembly have passed a bill to prevent the NY DEC from killing and mutilating wild Mute Swans. Twice NY citizens have stated that they do not want the NY DEC from killing or mutilating any wild Mute Swans. However, the NY DEC is persistent in trying to kill and mutilate the birds.

The NY DEC has never completed an environmental impact assessment showing any detriment to the environment by the swans. Yet, the NY DEC falsely claims that the Mute Swans are aggressive, invasive and detrimental to the environment. These claims are readily disputed by international swan and wetland habitat specialists and current research that the NY DEC ignores.

These same international swan/wetland experts view the Mute Swan as an indicator/sentinel species in that they are beneficial in alerting scientists to problems in the environment. The NY DEC readily admits this fact, but once again chooses to ignore it in their misguided killing proposal.

This year, a 12-year old girl, Katarina Szymczak and her classmates decided to do something about the NY DEC’s plan. The students signed a petition stating that if the NY DEC killed all of the Mute Swans in NY, she and her classmates, their children and many other generations of children would never be able to view and understand the magnitude of the Mute Swans’ parenting skills, loyalty to their offspring and general beauty of wildlife that many generations and cultures revere. Katarina drew a picture below that you will now find on the Ask The Swan Specialist Page.

We will keep it on the page as a reminder that this website, our consultation, research, education, veterinary care, humane treatment and conservation serves not only swans and their keepers/veterinarians worldwide, but also a greater purpose: insuring that many future generations will come to understand and appreciate the Mute Swans and their contribution to the environment. Thank you Katarina and your classmates!

Please help us get this message across to NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. Please contact him at 518-474-8390 - email him at or leave a note on his email at the website:

Please post a comment on his Facebook and twitter account requesting that he pass the Mute Swan Bill S01555/A3675

Please write, call and let him understand that he needs to sign the Mute Swan Bill to prevent the NY DEC from killing and mutilating wild Mute Swans, they must provide scientific studies to show how and if the swans are detrimental to the environment and must hold at least 2 public hearings before any management of the Mute Swans species.

You can follow this fight on the Regal Swan Foundation’s Facebook page (link below) where you will find a poster with the Governor Cuomo's and other assemblypersons information. Please use your social media contacts, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram to share and ask people to please contact Governor Cuomo to save this beautiful species.

Thank you.

Sheila A. Bolin, CEO/President, Regal Swan Foundation, Inc.

Drawing by 12 year old Katarina Szymczak, New York