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Re: Companion for our Trumpeter Swan?
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 15 June 2015
In Response To: Companion for our Trumpeter Swan? (Alane)

Hi Alane:

It appears that your friend now thinks you are a swan and has imprinted on you for companionship. Normally, we would not suggest this imprinting, but it seems to have occurred after the loss of its mate and well after it had learned to be a swan. Usually, imprinting is not something that is recommended at a young age because the swan does not learn from its parents how to be a swan, recognize and protect itself from predators etc.

In your case, he is bored and looking for someone to spend some time. However, we would not recommend a mate. Usually, not always, but usually a male swan will not re-pair with another female after losing its mate. This is a totally species specific and individual swan attribute, but it usually does not occur. The male swan is just as happy to go along with its life with no other swan to share the habitat.

If you choose to get another swan, you will need to build a pen, completely enclosed top to bottom and safe from predators crawling over into the pen or digging under the pen. A feeder needs to be placed in the pen which should be 1/2 on land and 1/2 in water. The new female swan will need to stay in the pen for approximately 2 weeks to acclimated herself to you, the feeding system, the habitat and the male swan. This will also provide your male the opportunity to be formally introduced to the female.

During this acclimation period, should you see any signs of aggression then you should not release the female and find her another good home. Should you not see any aggression, then you can release her onto the pond (with canoe/kayak ready) in the event of aggression by the male as he could seriously hurt and even possibly kill her.

After 10 years, the chances that the male will take on another female is possible, but remote. Therefore, we think he should be treated with lots of love and care. Enjoy him and let him enjoy you!

The Regal Swan

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