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Two Mute Swans Appear Out of Nowhere!
Date: 15 June 2015

Hi. We live in a residential/rural area in NJ on a mid size lake. We love watching the many birds and fowl that visit the lake and those that live here. Today we came home from work to find 2 Mute Swans. They came to shore and ate the grain we provided (we have four geese pets, 2 African/2 Saddlebacks). We sat two feet from them for over an hour while they fed, meandered back into and out of the water. We have no idea where they came from but would sure like them to stay. How can we tell if their wings are pinioned? How do we know if they were someone's pet or if they flew in on their own?

Any thoughts you might have on how they happened into our lake would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Two Mute Swans Appear Out of Nowhere! -- Alyce -- 15 June 2015
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