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Re: wild swans chicks found on the side of the road
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 16 June 2015

Hi Tom

It totally depends on the species. If they are Trumpeter Swans, you need a federal license. If they are Mute Swans your state DNR officials will gladly see them dead as the and other states are trying to kill all of the Mute Swans so that habitats can be opened. Once the habitats are open and free from the Mute Swans, the state and federal wildlife officials are introducing the larger Trumpeter Swans into areas they have never existed. Once the Trumpeter Swan numbers are sufficient, the wildlife officials will allow Trophy Waterfowl hunting to begin. Trophy Waterfowl hunting permits are more expensive than regular hunting permits and this is how the wildlife entities are planning on raiding future money for the I budgets.

Because of this ulterior hunting motive, wildlife officials will misrepresent the facts stating the Mute Swans are non-native, aggressive and invasive. All clear blatant falsehoods. The Minnesota DNR nor any wildlife entity has ever conducted an environmental impact assessment of Mutes in the U.S. Yet, they make these false claims so that the general public will by into their Mute Swan killing program.

You could raise the cygnets, however, it is a labor intensive project and if you do not know what you are doing, the cygnets will most likely not survive. Additionally, if the swans are hand raised, they will imprint on b you, meaning they will never associate themselves with swans, but people. They can never live on a pond without strict monitoring due to predators both domestic and wild.

We would strongly suggest you contact the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Roseville. Ask for Dr. Renee Schott and tell her Regal Swan referred you. Hopefully, she will be able to find a good home for them so they can be around other waterfowl and learn how to be swans, recognize and learn how to escape predators and generally learn swan behavior that the parents would have taught them. The Regal Swan

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