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Re: White swans won't lay eggs
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 22 June 2015
In Response To: White swans won't lay eggs (Cheryl)

Hi Cheryl:

Have you ever had the swans sexed? More than likely they are both male swans. They will mate, bond and nest, but obviously not lay eggs.

You will need to take the swans to an avian (bird) or waterfowl veterinarian and have them sexed. Probing is not a guaranteed manner of sexing the birds. The most reliable method is to have a feather plucked with some blood left on the end of the feather for DNA Sequencing. This test will provide a 100% reliable method of determining the birds' gender.

If you have two males, you will need to find them each a female should you desire cygnets. However, most states require a breeder's license should you have opposite gendered swans with the possibility of having cygnets. The cygnets must be pinioned at 1-3 weeks of age (a portion of the wing amputated) so they cannot fly. This is state law.

Then, you will be responsible for finding the cygnets from each year a new home with proper documentation to give them away or sell them. Swans have 1-4 cygnets (some maybe 6-8 depending on species and habitat resources with the norm usually 1-4) each year. So, that is going to be a lot of cygnets on your pond over time.

We would suggest that if they are both males and they grew up together, to leave well enough along and enjoy them. This way you will not be responsible for any breeder's license and all of the headaches with raising and providing homes for future generations. The Regal Swan

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