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Care of trumpeter cygnets due July 11 2015
Date: 22 June 2015

We bought this pair seven years ago and they finally laid eggs on their nest on the island.We cannot get to the island on this three acre lake called Star Lake in Hoover, Alabama. I got the township to bring their boat to take out hay for the nest and they just had two eggs then. She got right back after they made her the nest almost a month ago. We are hoping the eggs are fertile.. we think July 11 th they will hatch. My worry is how to get food to the cygnets. There is a tall feeder we fill with swan food and cracked corn but the cygnets won't be able to reach it for a while.. geese get it if it is lower. she stays on the nest most of the day but gets off occasionally to swim but never leaves the island area to go to her feeder to eat..

She hasn't eaten for the last three weeks.

Where can I buy a floating cygnet feeder?do they make something specially for cygnets so ducks don't eat it up? i have cracked corn ready for them. I don't have a boat to get to the island.I would appreciate your help. We also have an over abundance of turtles in the lake that eat the baby wood ducks. I think they are afraid of Gordon and Gertie, the trumpeter swans.

As it is 90 degrees here I worry also her eggs will cook when she doesn't stay on them, although she covers with hay.

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