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Re: Care of trumpeter cygnets due July 11 2015
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 23 June 2015

Hi Janet

The parents will take the cygnets onto the pond 24 hours after hatching. The parents will stir up aquatic vegetation for them, show the cygnets how to find food and will eventually bring them to your feeder.

Do not place any food near the nest as predators and pests will find the food, i.e., ants, turtles, etc. In spite of the parents, the cygnets can be predated by turtles, egrets, hawks, owls, herons, large mouth bass and any land predators such as raccoons, bobcats, minks, otter, etc.

Finally, mix 1/2 cracked corn with 1/2 poultry layer pellets and place in the feeder. The cracked corn will provide them with essential Vitamin A and the poultry pellets will provide them with necessary vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients. You can also chop up lettuce and small pieces of bread to supplement their corn and pellets.

Just be careful not to feed them items like dog or cat food which is high in protein and can cause a condition known as angel wing. This occurs because too much protein causes their wings to grow faster than the tissue holding the wings and the wings cannot be properly supported. If this condition occurs, the swan will not be able to fly.

On another note, have a veterinarian on standby, as the cygnets will need to be pinioned at 1-3 weeks of age. This is an amputation of the portion of the wing responsible for flying. Most states require this procedure so captive populations do not start feral flocks in the wild. This also means that because the birds cannot fly from predators, they must be kept in a captive setting.

This will also prevent the birds from flying into objects, buildings, high electrical wires and into other dangerous areas such as alligator infested ponds.

The bad news is that every year the parents will chase the cygnets from the pond in order to mate and produce more cygnets. This means you will be responsible for finding the cygnets a new home and you may even be required to have a breeding permit from the state. The Regal Swan

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