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Mother Swan Killing Cygnets
Date: 23 June 2015

Hello, in following along with Anne's question about a mother trumpeter swan killing her cygnets, around June 5th or 6th, 2015 our trumpeter swans proudly paraded around with their six (6) cygnets. By June 13th, they were down to 4 which were still around on the 17th and 18th because I saw them on my way to work. On June 20th, they were down to only one and by Sunday, the 21st, Mom and Pop Trumpeters had none left when they came around for something to eat. I find it hard to believe that momma killed all 6. I can appreciate she may have sensed something wrong with 2 and felt it was best to rid the flock of the possibly sick ones but to keep 4, kill 3, keep 1 and then none is something quite disturbing to say the least. Keep in mind this mom and pop pair of trumpeters have been mates for at least 3-4 years now so it's not like she is just new at this. I have been living at the marina in Toronto for nearly 10 years now and have never seen this happen before. I was wondering if someone might have an explanation of why all 6 cygnets have disappeared. Fortunately, I took pictures of 4 on June 14th and then the last one on June 20th. Thank you for your time.

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