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Re: mute swan rescue in the city
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 25 June 2015
In Response To: mute swan rescue in the city (Nick)

Hi Nick:

Some states require a license to possess a mute swan, because they want them dead. In fact, if you turn the swan over to a rehabber or other facility, he may land up dead. You do not want to get him/her a mate because if you do, you may need a breeder's license because it will be able to produce offspring. Again, state officials may kill them all. You might want to see if the ranch had a permit to have the swan.

We are not telling you to do something illegal, but it would not be inhumane to keep it alone or raise it with a goose, duck or other small waterfowl that may be in your area. The pond needs to be zero entrance, meaning no steep sides, nothing rocky, use a substrate made of sand or grass. Feed him lettuce and a mixture of cracked corn and poultry layer pellets.

You will need to either clip his wings (every 4 months or sooner) or permanently amputate a portion of his wing so that he cannot fly. Your state wildlife officials may kill him by shooting him if he is caught flying. You must keep his wings clipped so that they do not have a chance to grow back as wing clipping is not a permanent process. You must stay on top of this and you will need a veterinarian or someone (maybe the swan owners at the ranch) to show you how to clip one side of the flight feathers.

The only permanent way of preventing flying is pinioning (amputating a portion of the wing) by a licensed veterinarian under anesthesia. This procedure is to be conducted 1-3 weeks of age, after that it is a difficult procedure and the swan may not make it off the table. Again, this may get reported so you need to inquire if the ranch has a permit and works with a veterinarian. You may be able to work under their permit. We would suggest that you learn how to clip the wings and keep them clipped every 4 months.

The major reason that these wildlife officials want the Mute Swans dead is that US Wildlife Services, state wildlife agencies and other entities have misrepresented the Mute Swans as being non-native, invasive and aggressive.

They have fed these falsehoods to the public so they will buy into the killing program. The ultimate goal of the wildlife officials is to remove the Mute Swans from wetland habitats to open up space for the larger Trumpeter Swans. The Trumpeter Swans are being introduced into areas they have never before inhabited so that when their numbers are significant, wildlife officials will sell Trophy Waterfowl Hunting permits for hunting purposes.

This is the way that state and federal wildlife officials make money for their budgets, killing through hunting permits. Trophy hunting permits cost more and they will also attract hunters. Hunting is becoming a lost sport and the only way to attract or keep new hunters is

Unfortunately, we now conduct wildlife management through killing, not conservation It is all about the money. Good luck with your swan. He will provide you with many years of enjoyment. The Regal Swan

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