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Re: Cygnet left alone
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 26 June 2015
In Response To: Cygnet left alone (Angie)

Hi Angie:

He would be better off with his parents. But, you will have to be careful and not just dump him into the pond where the parents are now located. If you can capture him, carry him to the pond with the parents. Once you are at the pond, see if you can get the cygnet to cry. If the cygnet begins to cry, hold the cygnet up in such a manner that the parents not only hear him cry, but can actually see you holding him. Observe the parent's reaction. Do they make a beeline toward you? Are they curious, but stay far away and go back to their business?

If the parents immediately come toward you with wings up, walk with the cygnet away from the pond toward a grassy area. See if the parents follow.

If they do, then walk to the pond that the cygnet and the parents were initially located. See if any other cygnets follow the parents from the other pond. If there are other cygnets, then you need to ensure that none of the remaining cygnets and parents get separated.

Once the parents are near the original pond, gently place the cygnet on the ground and observe their reaction. Be ready for a quick rescue if there is any sign of aggression toward the cygnet. You might also want a kayak/canoe ready in the event the parents take the cygnet out into the pond and then begin to act aggressively.

The parents may have gotten tired of babysitting and also felt that the cygnet was old enough to care for himself, at least temporarily. Or, they may have gotten separated for some reason. If they readily take to the cygnet, try to remove you from the cygnet and everyone is okay, then you should have no worries.

Should the parents not follow or act aggressively, then you will either have to find the cygnet a new home, raise him until he is about 5 months of age so that he can survive some of the predators due to larger size such as egrets, herons, etc. Once he is large enough, then you can return him back to the pond, but again, there are no guarantees with nature and a cygnet left to its own devices. The parents need to care for the cygnet, teach him about predators and how to escape. This is a role that no human can play. The Regal Swan

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