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Wandering swan
Date: 27 June 2015

Hi there! My brother just bought a beautiful property with a pond and it came with two swans owned by previous owners.

They have a wandering swan. They are younger swans - we do know that there were a pair and one died and they've replaced one and that they may be too young to mate. We are told they are a male and female.

One of the swans keeps walking away as they are clipped. There is a local golf course and other ponds at adjoining properties but ever few days a SWAN hunt ensues.

The swan is well fed on a beautiful property...why is the swan leaving and not staying with his/her mate.

The last time the swan was gone for 5 days - and had run away to golf course not far up the road. They are surprised how far in distance the swan gets on foot. It seems very determined to leave. When it came back this time it was really hungry but off it went again a few days later.

Any help would be appreciated.


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