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Agressive mom swan
Date: 4 July 2015

I had messaged you awhile back about our swan laying eggs in the barn early spring. They hatched and everything looked good. Had 2 healthy cygnets. They reached 2 months of age when one was attacked by a snapping turtle. It has been away at a wildlife habitant for 6 weeks recovering. The organization just returned it to our pond. The father has accepted it but the mother was very aggressive and would have killed it if we had left it with her. It only has one eye now and needs to have protection from its mom. We have taken it back out . I was wondering if it would be a good idea to bring all of them off the pond to a different location. I was going to put them in a pen in our barn with a gate with the mother and father on one side and the two siblings on the other side to try to get them to accept with the injured baby. I was hoping to take them from their own pond to stop some of the territorial aggression. I assume mom is protecting her cygnet from the newly returned cygnet. I really would love to hear any ideas to make this family happily together again.

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