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Re: Aggressive swan
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 8 July 2015
In Response To: Aggressive swan (Sandra)

Hi Sandra:

There are two issues occurring in your situation. First, the swan probably has a nest and/or cygnets and your boat is a threat. Second, someone else may have been running up onto the nesting area with a boat or jet ski and the swan is taking a defensive action instead of waiting for the vehicle to come near the habitat/cygnets. He is approaching you first so that you can't come closer. If he is chasing another swan, this is further indication that the swan has a family in the area.

Fortunately, the swan sex hormones will dissipate in the next few weeks and you should see a remarkable difference. If you report the swan for this normal behavior, the state wildlife officials will probably kill him and the family as this seems to be the way to handle Mute Swans across the U.S. The state wildlife officials want any excuse to kill them so they can introduce the larger species, Trumpeter Swan for Trophy Waterfowl hunting purposes.

So, there are two things that you can do. One, try feeding Mr. Unfriendly some bread and see if this helps his disposition.

If it does not, then you are going to have to resort to plan B. Go out and get you the largest net you can find, similar to a large salmon net. When the swan gets close to land (DO NOT DO this in the water because if he breaks the net, he could drown), place the net gently over his head and capture him being careful that you do not get struck by his wings or that you injure him. Both you and your husband will have to work together to capture and control the swan. After he is caught, remove the net while keeping his wings close to his body so he can't swing at you and then gently grab him by the neck. Hold him for a couple of minutes on shore and then release him. If he comes back at you, repeat the process.

Once or twice being caught, he will not want to get anywhere near you. In fact, you will become the bigger swan and he will immediately learn that this is your territory not his and he will find someone else to defend against. Please let us know how this situation progresses. The Regal Swan

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