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Re: Problem with Coscoroba swan nest
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 16 July 2015
In Response To: Problem with Coscoroba swan nest (SWDT)


If the eggs were left out in the open, not being sat on by the female, then they are not going to be viable.

This new nest building may or may not result in any viable eggs being laid. The female will double clutch, produce new eggs to take place of ones that may be been predated or if they and the nests were disturbed.

We would suggest that you lock the enclosure, leave the birds alone and see what happens. If she continues to double clutch to replace eggs, she may become very weak from energy loss which can make her susceptible to impacted eggs (which can kill her), illness and injury. Again, we would strongly suggest locking the enclosure ensuring that predators and humans cannot disturb her or the nest. The Regal Swan

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