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Re: How to keep swans away
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 26 July 2015
In Response To: How to keep swans away (Lynn)

Hi Lynn:

The only thing that will prevent them from coming into your pond area is some type of barrier. You might try a temporary poultry fence or fence made from wood stakes and windscreen, approximately 4 feet high. You will need to make sure that the swans cannot try to get under the fence or over the fence and get hurt. But, usually, if they cannot see through a barrier (which is why the windscreen barrier is the best), they will not try to go through the fencing. You many only have to put up the temporary barrier for about a week. Once they know that they cannot get into your pond, they will stay in their own area.

Same thing, if your neighbor places a barrier around where the swans are leaving their area. You might speak with the neighbor and see if they might put up some type of temporary barrier. The main thing is that the whatever barrier you use, it does not allow the swans to circumvent the barrier and wander off further away from their habitat trying to get to your pond.

That is why if you can use some sort of funnel barrier so that the swans cannot walk around the fence, but it directs them right back into their pond it is better. Please let us know how this works out. The Regal Swan

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