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Re: Baby swan abandoned in my back yard
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 3 August 2015

Hi PT:

Let's hope you are not in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota and some other states as they will kill the parents and the young. Hopefully, this is not what separated the young swan from the parents. The above wildlife agencies will even kill the young swans if you report it and many wildlife rehabilitation facilities and individuals are threatened with to lose their licenses if they intervene. However, you might carefully call around to see if someone is in your area that can care for the cygnet. If the parents left due to being scared from a predator or the storm separated them, they will return to the area and claim the young bird. If this does not occur soon, you may need to bring the young bird inside to prevent predation by domestic or wild animals. Even then, you may be violating some state laws, but in the case of a life, it is worth the risk.

A two month old swan is still too young to be alone on the pond due to owls, hawks and other predators. We wish we had better news for you, but if you still can't find help, please let us know by providing us with your phone number to the webmaster. Your number will not be shared publically and we might be able to find a home for the young bird. The Regal Swan

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