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Re: Would like to buy a female trumpeter swan
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 14 August 2015

Hi Doreen:

First, before you start trying to buy a female, there are no guarantees that the male will re-pair with another female if he lost his first mate. Even if he never had a mate, there are no guarantees that he will accept any new female swan to his habitat, especially if he has been alone for some time. Most male swans, all species, will do just fine on their own.

If you still choose to try and find a mate, you will need to do several things. You will need to determine if you need a federal permit to have a Trumpeter Swan as the laws have changed and you may need such a permit to import/maintain and if the swans produce cygnets, you may need a breeder's permit. You will be responsible for all veterinary medical care including all documentation, pinioning (surgical amputation of a portion of the wing at 1-3 weeks of age, otherwise, surgery must be performed under anesthesia which is difficult on the bird as they age). All of these requirements are now part of many state's wildlife laws regarding ownership and breeding of swans.

The next thing you will need to do is to construct a pen, half in water and half on land with a zero entrance, no abrasive bottom or steep portions. The pen will need to be completely enclosed top to bottom to ensure that no predators dig under the pen or climb over and into the pen to attack the new swan. A feeder must be placed inside the pen. The female swan will need to be kept in the pen for at least 2 weeks to allow the new swan to acclimate itself to you, its new habitat, the feeding system and the male swan.

During this acclimation period, if there is any indication of aggressiveness toward the female by the male swan, you will need to find the female swan a new home. Even if there are no signs of aggression, once you release the female, you will need to have a kayak, boat or canoe at the ready in the event any aggressive behavior is noted. The female will need to be rescued and found a new home. Aggression by the male can result in the female swan being severely injured and event inadvertently killed by the male swan. This is why we state that the male may or may not accept the new swan. You definitely do not want to introduce another male or there will be a fight with possible injuries.

Finally, if you are still interested in finding a female Trumpeter for purchase, contact Bob Knox at 847-875-3947. The Regal Swan

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