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Re: Wry neck?
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 28 September 2015
In Response To: Wry neck? (Dianna)

Hi Dianna

Has a veterinarian seen him? There are several reasons his neck could be in this position along with not eating. Botulism, lead poisoning, phosphatefertilizer or any other toxin could cause the problem and has to be treated with supportive care such as iv., tube feeding and chelation using charcoal and antibiotics. If breathing is labored, a respirator is needed. In lead poisoning, the vent will be green in color.

In the case of botulism and possibly other toxicity , paralysis will begin with the neck and progress backwards to the bird's rear end. If no permanent damage, the bird will begin to recover in reverse-rear to front with neck if possible recovering last. Even then, the neck may not fully recover due to residual damage.

There are also other possibilities to include viral, fungal and bacterial infections or severe injury/trauma. The major issue is eating, blood panels -elevated white cell count or lead count. The major source of help will be an experienced avian ( bird ) veterinarian. We hope this helps. Please let us know how he progresses. The Regal Swan

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