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Re: Parents left the cygnets alone
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 4 October 2015
In Response To: Parents left the cygnets alone (John)

Hi John:

There may be a couple of explanations for this scenario.

First, this is migration season and the swans may begin to leave the area. If there is something wrong with the young birds and they cannot follow, then they will be left behind.

Second, these might be the parents and they have sent the young birds on their way to meet up with another family or the general flock in preparation for the migration. This temporary separation allows the young juveniles to meet other juveniles before the migration.

Third, if these are the juveniles and the parents left, then yes, the parents should return and start the migration with the juveniles.

Fourth, something may have happened to the other swans, i.e., scared by a predator or hunters, or actually killed by hunters or your state's wildlife officials. Many state agencies are killing the Mute Swans so that they can open the habitats to introduce the larger Trumpeter Swans for Trophy Waterfowl hunting purposes. Hopefully, this is not the reason in this case.

If the parents are going to return, they will do so soon or the remaining two swans will also leave and you will not see the swans again until the spring. The Regal Swan

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