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Re: Swan transportation (cage)
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 23 October 2015
In Response To: Swan transportation (cage) (Marc)

Hi Marc

Each swan needs to be transported in a separate dog carrier (the kind used for airlines). The size should be dictated upon the size of the swan and the ability for the swan to stand, stretch and change position so it does not stay in the sane position for too long. The bottom of the carrier should be lined with dry straw which will prevent the swan from slipping and injuring it's legs or feet from the carrier's slippery surface. Never use newspaper, plastic or any surface that could cause the swans to slip. Also, no abrasive surface should be used as foot injuries including bumble foot can occur.

The front opening of the carrier made from metal should be covered with cardboard. Do Not cover the entire opening as you need air for the swan. You just want to cover the center of the metal opening so wings, beaks, etc cannot be injured from striking the metal or having the swan bite at the metal and injure it's bill.

If you can find a dog carrier with open vents on the side for further ventilation that would also help with air. Finally, a small water dish should be placed in the carrier so the swans can drink water. The time spent in the carrier should be very limited, even if on a flight. Keep the transport at less than 4 hours if possible. If shipping by air, ship early morning 3-5am or late 10pm-1am to ship during cooler times. In the summer, swans or other animals awaiting connecting flights can die or become seriously ill from having to sit on hot tarmacs. The Regal Swan

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