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Re: Do swans fly in the rain
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 23 October 2015
In Response To: Do swans fly in the rain (Melissa)

Hi Melissa

Yes, we would be glad to consult. Please contact the webmaster of this post and you will be given an email contact.

As far as flying in the rain, probably not. We have seen swans and other birds fly in a slight drizzle or misting rain. However, a torrential downpour is not something any bird is going to try and fly. We have seen ducks and other birds that were trying to escape from a downpour only to get caught and blown sideways. The birds had to make a quick landing and could not find any cover so they had to sit in the rain until it was over. Even though some waterfowl have some water repellency from the uropygial oil gland (some waterfowl do not have this gland), they cannot fly with soaked (drenched) feathers because the wings become to heavy for flight in a driving rainstorm. The Regal Swan

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