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Re: Wry neck?
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 23 October 2015
In Response To: Re: Wry neck? (Dianna)

Hi Dianna:

For the next few days, tube feed him with Exact bird food or another emergency baby bird food that your vet can recommend. The emergency bird feed for tube feeding will provide him with added nutrients.

Go to one day feedings for a couple of days and then stop the tube feeding altogether. You may be feeding him too much through the tube and he doesn't want to eat. He needs to begin eating on his own.

Check his weight daily to ensure that he is not losing too much weight. But, swans will lose weight if they are inactive and not allowed to swim. If you can place him in a zero entrance water feature, allow him to bathe and feed normally (place the layer pellets and cracked corn in the water) he may start regaining his strength and weight. Also, he may be missing vegetation so chop up lettuce and add this to his feed in the water.

Just make sure that any food he is eating by himself is submerged in water. This will not only prevent choking but will also make him ingest food when he is drinking water because of thirst. Keep the water and food changed daily. Please let us know how this works. The Regal Swan

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