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Re: Black swan has 1 leg now
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 2 November 2015
In Response To: Black swan has 1 leg now (Gina)

Hi Gina

No, the parents have abandoned him knowing something is wrong. He will never be able to keep up. The best situation for him is to place him in a habitat that is completely enclosed so a predator cannot get to him. A 12 x 24 foot pen would work with a zero entrance water feature so he can butt scoot in and out of the water. The water feature needs to be with feet in depth with the ability to drain for cleaning and a refill valve for refill after cleaning. The substrate around the pen should be straw so he does not injure his legs or remaining foot. No hard or abrasive surface. Should he stop eating or is unable to move by butt scooting in and out of the water, you may have to think about quality of life and euthanasia may be considered. Usually, waterfowl do not do well with just one leg. But, having said that, we have known ducks and swans to do well in extremely controlled habitats, i.e., enclosed shelters with zero entrance water features. The Regal Swan

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