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Re: Father swan won
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 15 November 2015
In Response To: Father swan won't let cygnet in (Elspeth)

Hi Elspeth:

It is time to migrate and move the cygnets (now juveniles) from their hatching habitat to other habitats to form alliances with other juveniles and eventually form a family of their own. The male swan parent chases the juveniles from the nesting habitat once they are 8-12 months of age so that there will be no competition for food, shelter and nesting resources as well as mating with the male swan's mate (the mother swan).

This chasing occurs in captive and wild settings and is nature's way of stating that you cannot live here, you have to find another habitat and a mate to form your own family so that the species can survive. The Regal Swan

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