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Male mute swan out, sleeping alot
Date: 17 November 2015

I live near a golf course that I am responsible for filling the swan feeding bucket. I usally go late afternoon and our male swan has been out sleeping on the grass. The female likes to eat her food out of the lake more than the bucket, so I can spend and hour or so walking the edge of the pond and feeding her. The whole time he just stays on the grass, no preening, just sleeping. He may put his head up as a golf cart goes by, but he just stays there. It was becoming dusk and he still stayed there, most of the time with his head tucked under his wing. Finally, I encourage him into the pond before I start my drive home. We have MANY coyote in the area and I didn't want to leave him out of the pond. He acts normal enough on the pond and does not appear to have any injuries, but he has been behaving this way for a couple of weeks. Should I be concerned?

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Male mute swan out, sleeping alot -- Barbara -- 17 November 2015
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