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Re: Pond ice
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 22 November 2015
In Response To: Pond ice (William)

Hi William

The springs will help to keep the pond from freezing due to their thermal temps. However, if the pond still freezes for any significant time, i.e., several days, the swans risk freezing, dehydration, starvation if they are not supplementally fed and attack by predators which can walk onto the ice.

You can install a small aerator/de-icer that can work to keep the pond from freezing. This aerator along with the springs will also keep air moving throughout the pond at other times of the year, especially during hot summer months. The aerator can help keep the pond healthy by preventing stagnation and build-up of anaerobic bacteria (non-oxygen surviving microbes) which can produce toxins that can make the swans sick or even kill them.

You might contact to discuss the size and type of aerator/de-icer you may need. The Regal Swan

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