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Missing Swans
Date: 22 November 2015

Hello and thank you for your help on this site.

I live on a pond that has had Swan bevies for the last 20 years. Some years we have had successful cygnets, some years not due to weather, turtles, etc.

This year we had a nesting pair and 8 cynets. They were happy and active one day and the next day had completely disappeared. I heard some commotion in the late evening but did not think to go out to check. When I did check there was no sign of struggle or blood or feathers. Nothing but an empty nest.

In years past cygnets may have gone one or two at a time then the parents stay for a few days and then might move on but I have never seen them just disappear. We have several ponds in the area and in the past 10 or 15 years they have all had at least one and sometimes several swam pairs. This year there were none in the area.
A few neighbors and I were just heartbroken over this but when I tried to pursue it people thought I was crazy.

Every year that they have moved on in the spring they have returned for a few days on their way south. I awaited their return this year hoping to see them and when they did not show up I knew something has happened to them.

Do you know of or is there a way I can find out if there is some program to destroy these animals in Northern Illinois? The adjoining golf course just received Audubon status and I am hoping they would not have destroyed them.

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