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Help with our Mute Swans in Atlanta, GA
Date: 25 November 2015

Hi--our condo association purchased 2 mute swans four years ago. This past Sunday, Jack got himself tangled up with one of our floating, aerating fountains on our 2 acre lake. I was able to cut him loose from the rope attached to the fountain, but he had injuries (he was bleeding under his right wing). We took him to an ER vet that still has him. They said he he has to stay out of the water for 9 days. So, they are boarding him. He had to have stitches and is receiving antibiotics and pain meds. He is not doing well emotionally. He is not eating and is having to be fed intravenously. I wonder if that is from the pain meds, though. His life mate, Jill, seems to be ok but we know she is wondering where the heck he went and we are worried she will get depressed, too....9 days is a long time. The vet said they may not rebond when (and if) Jack comes home. Ideally, we would like to rehome both of them to a new environment. And if Jack does not make it, we will definitely need to find a home for Jill so that she can find a new mate. Do you know of any swan rehabbers in Georgia? I'm not having any luck. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

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