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Black swan cygnets missing
Date: 3 December 2015

Hi, I'd like to ask @ what age can black swan cygnet's fly away from the pond they were born in? We had a pair of black swans breed in our public pond in early August this year; no one has seen them since yesterday; their parents disowned them a mth ago & have gotten very aggressive towards them kicking them out of the ponds in that area.

They walk from pond to pond to run from them especially their mum; we are all so worried about them; they are only 4 mths old & i have looked everywhere for them; there was 6 cygnet's & they always come to me when I call them. will they survive? a lady said she has seen them flying but I haven't & I go there twice a day? Since they were born. thank you, Gina Borg

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