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Swan nesting station
Date: 4 December 2015

Good afternoon:

I work for a retirement HOA here in the Phoenix, AZ area. In one of our small lakes we have a pair of swans that were donated to the HOA. They have had two hatches and have lost all of the cygnets for one reason or another. The lake where they reside has virtually no cover / shelter except for one small bush where they have had their nest these past two years. Unfortunately this area is very hot during our late March through mid-May weather. It is also accessible to our curious residents which is not a good thing when the young are present.

I am considering building a nesting station for them that would be tied in place on the lake. If I were to do this I would like to have a roof on it with 2 or more of the sides enclosed to prevent the sun from shining directly on the nesting parents and the newly hatched cygnets. I would install a permanent ramp on one end so they could easily "walk" in and out of the water. Based on your vast experience do you think they would use such a feature? If so how big should I make it? We would take it out of the water when the cygnets were big enough to fend for themselves and reinstall it each year.

We love the attraction that the swans have become but our biggest challenge is our helpful neighbors. The three cygnets hatched last year died after 3 months of an infection of sorts. I personally think they were given moldy food. The Vet did not rule that out but would not specifically call that the reason for their death.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. The swans are majestic and certainly warrant a better situation than they currently have.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.


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