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Male Swan Now Afraid
Date: 15 December 2015


We had 2 captive swans on our lake in NJ. The female was killed by a car about 2 years ago. The male has remained and did well without her. He swims around with the geese and ducks. It has been a challenge to keep him alive the past two harsh winters despite have a few thousand dollars of aeration in the lake.

He has always come in to eat from a feeding bowl on a platform in the lake. He would even come when called but kept a distance. Within the last few weeks he will not come to eat unless we are totally not in sight. I cannot figure out what has changed. We installed a large Kasco water moving system that we tested and he seems afraid of it. The Kasco water mover is not currently running due to the warm weather in NJ.

Do you think that the 2 or 3 times we have tested the new water mover that it was enough to scare him off or do you think that a person scared him?

In any case do you think he will be wise enough to come to eat when the weather turns colder with the possibility of the lake freezing?

I am so concerned that he will not stay in the open water created by the aeration systems and fall prey to foxes that try to get him every winter.

I would appreciate any feedback.



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