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Why would sibling juveniles suddenly seperate
Date: 15 December 2015

We had two 8 month old mute swans that were Siblings that we've raised since they were 7 weeks old. We have a 4 acre pond that they have seemed pretty happy on. Last weekend they disappeared. We found one on a very small pond only about 30 feet from our fence line. Unfortunately before we had a chance to try to catch him he flew away later that day. We found the other one the next day, also in a very small pond in a neighborhood directly across the street from us. We were a able to catch him so now he is back home and has had his feathers trimmed.

I'm wondering why they seperated when they flew off as I would have thought they would stick together as they would be bonded. I also wonder if the other one could possibly return or could he be lost. I don't know what their "GPS" is like. I also feel bad for our remaining swan and am wanting to get a juvenile female for companionship and as a future mate. Do you think that would be a feasible possibility or will he be okay alone?

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