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Re: Arranged swan marriage
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 27 December 2015
In Response To: Arranged swan marriage (Kenny)

Hi Kenny:

Since the swans are protected, the only legal entities that could capture and relocate the swans are the RSPCA or a swan/wildlife rehabilitation facility. If there is nothing wrong with the swans and they can fly, it is not probable that these entities would intervene.

During mating/migration season, the swans will fly around to seek a new mate or habitat. So, they will find their own mate if this is desirable.

Secondly, if the swans are of the same gender, there could be a fight resulting in one or both swans being seriously injured.

Finally, if the bereaved swan is a male, it may or may not re-pair. If it is a female, she may take another male, but again, they will find each other or another swan during the mating/migration season on their own. The Regal Swan

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