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Weird behavior
Date: 10 January 2016


So we live near a pond where a family of swans lives. First there were 8 baby swans (little grey ones) but after few weeks 3 of the little ones disappeared.

Now about year and a few months later 5 young ones remian (grey beak and a few grey feathers as well).

Anyway after being away for a little more than a week I have noticed a new strange behaviour.

The young ones appear to be out of the water constantly (even eating grass outside) and they seem to be running away from the parents.... At a few occasions I've saw the parents chasing the young ones out of the water and even keeping guard so that they can't get back in....

They sleep outside and spent 90% of the time on dry land.

Is this normal?

The pound is not frozen as it's about 8 C so that can't be an issue

P.s. after returning from the trip we've also found just 3 young ones instead of 5 but sometimes they come and go for a few days so hope they are safe

Thank you in advance!

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