Swan Stories Worldwide

2007 swan and cygnet -- Shirmae -- 27 April 2008
"Come along, little one!" - Mama looks back over her shoulder to make sure her baby is following along.

lovely birds -- ron -- 10 March 2008
I'm not sure of his name, a real sweety \-|"> taken march 6 2008
Lovely Birds -- Fiona -- 18 March 2008
Hi, Ron! This is Bijan - Lost Lagoon's cygnet of 2006 (his parents are Precious and Marika). He's getting friendly with one of the little swans from Ambleside (born the same year)so it should be ...

A memorial to Princess Swan -- Sarah -- 28 December 2007
Hello, I live in a lake community that had two pair bonded resident mute swans. They were both 23 years old. The female, who we named princess, became quite attached to my family. Everyday, she ...

Big Swan behind the blockaded entrance -- Big Swan -- 3 November 2007
Big Swan, begging OFF the deck, now that we blockaded the entrance. Stepping in swan "gifts" in the dark on the way to the barbeque got old quick, so they are confined to the backyard and ...

Big Swan and girl friend on patio, South California, before the blockade -- Big Swan -- 3 November 2007
FEED ME!!!!!
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