Other Animals and Nature

Peanut the goat
By:Colleen (South California)
Date: 3 December 2007

PEANUT lives in Grand Junction, Colorado with her other goat friends. She is not just a fainting goat, but she is a fainting, slightly retarded, handicapped goat...

...and it isn't easy being Peanut.

I begged her Mom to let me buy her. I was going to buy her a custom goat bed and train her like a dog to be pampered in the house. How practical that lofty idea was we will never know because Peanut's Mom promised her she would always have a happy home and wouldn't sell her for any price.

She gets picked on a little by the other goats, but she prefers goats to people, and is probably happy right where she is. And getting up... now that's some engineering project. Her Mom thinks she isn't in pain, but she just has an awkward body.

Here is Peanut's Mom holding a precious little baby fainting goat. Apparently when these goats get excited, something in their nervous system tells everything to stop, and you see them first go rigid, then POOF they fall over, and in a few seconds they are getting up again. It's hilarious. They are very sturdy to do all that falling and just bounce right back.

Here are Peanuts friends. These goats may be faint, but they can leap... well... like goats. And do leap, onto just about anything. How funny and pudgy are they? haha This is their playground.

This is a very dignified pose for Peanut.

See how Peanut is looking a bit stiff and apprehensive above? I think she's learned to calm herself before she falls. I never saw her fall. She's sort of propped up by all fours, because she is used to having to do that extra balancing work to walk. See how she's also a bit tilted and has a goofy way her front legs are jointed? But she is such a trooper. She just keeps on going, and she LOVES baby carrots.

And when she's had enough of you she lets you know with no uncertainty.